Holistic TMJ Treatment – Part 3. TMJ Diagnosis

[space] Effective holistic chiropractic diagnostic evaluation of a TMJ patient begins at the top of the head and ends at the soles of the feet. And what does treatment entail? Effective, long-lasting relief requires a multi-pronged approach based on a thorough and skilled assessment of individual patient needs.

Foot PainNeck PainBalancing the cranial-sacral system using SOT cranial therapy (a system of adjusting patterns in the body rather than focusing solely on individual body parts), along with chiropractic spinal therapy, myofascial treatment, foot mechanics, postural corrections, nutrition and exercise all play an integral role in analysis and treatment.

Properly diagnosing the root cause of the patient’s symptoms and correctly prioritizing treatment aimed at a reduction in the fight or flight response allows the nervous system to calm down and release out of sympathetic overload. With this release, muscle tension decreases and improves posture, allowing the patient to experience relief from symptoms and finally break the cycle of tension, instability and pain.

Keep in mind that jaw clenching, tooth grinding, headaches of any type and/or facial tension may be red flags indicating a TMJ issue. If you’re plagued by any of these common symptoms and have not found effective, long-lasting relief, a global chiropractic approach may be exactly what your body is asking for.

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Dr. Richard Gerardo, D.C.  C.S.C.P. & D.A.C.B.N

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